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Hertel Avenue is known for its amazing antique finds and home décor stores. It’s crawling with an incredible selection of art-deco antiques, vintage goods and contemporary furniture pieces and home accessories. A burgeoning shopping district with roots in the Italian community, Hertel is a great place to eat, chill, drink and soak up all the action.

kathleen-engelhardtFashion Expert > Kathleen Engelhardt

How would you describe your personal style?
A true 90s girl at heart, I dig a grungy, layered look.  I love denim, tees, flannels, chunky sweaters and Frye boots. I shoot for a hybrid of old-school-effortless-Jane-Birkin-casual (sans the Birkin Bag)and MTV-Unplugged-Kurt-Cobain-shabby-grunge. I’m always on the go – to and from yoga classes, school and hanging with my kids – and I absolutely need to be comfortable without compromising my affinity for fashion. I hate black (it just ain’t my thang) and I strongly believe that navy and grey go with everything, including more navy and grey. I’m totally obsessed with Bella Dahl shirts! If I’m not wearing one at the moment, there is a huge chance that I have at least one lingering somewhere in my bag to help spruce me up for an impromptu-post-yoga happy hour.

Where are your favorite places to shop? 
My favorite place to shop is Modern Nostalgia. I also dig the wares at Anna Grace, Second Chic, Shoefly, Free People and Lululemon.

shopping-Modern Nostalgia-KatieAmbroseWhat’s your perfect day on Hertel Avenue?
It starts with a bootcamp or boxing workout at Terry’s Fitness. Post-sweating, I grab an Iced Americano from Spot Coffee with my kids and hubby. I’m a health freak, so my kids go coo-coo for a Spot rendezvous because I let them split a Paula’s red velvet donut! We usually round off the late-morning-pre-nap hours with a visit to Modern Nostalgia and we never roam the streets of Hertel without paying a visit to the Blackbird Sweets.


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