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Joe Incao

What was once vacant has now been reborn. Take a walk down the 500 block of Main Street in downtown Buffalo. Just a year ago you couldn’t drive down this portion of our main thoroughfare. Buildings desperately needed a creative eye willing to be a catalyst for the community. It takes an active group of individuals to pump new life into an area that’s primarily a weekday working district.

One of those creative individuals is Joe Incao, owner of Furnishings; a gift shop that will single-handedly keep you and your home aesthetically up-to-date. Incao opened about a year ago in the former L.L. Berger department store building on the 500 block of Main Street. “When I came here to look at this space there was nothing on this block. D’Avolio opened, then I opened, then Raclettes, then Jerk’s Soda Fountain & Ice Cream, then Just Fries. The amount of positive change that has happened in 6 months is just amazing. I like to think, what will happen in 6 more months?”, Incao says.

Incao is a Buffalo advocate trying to raise the bar. He’s a part of a community of business owners and developers who are working to change the mentality of Buffalonians and visitors alike.  Incao says, “Furnishings opened just a little ahead of the curve for retail in downtown Buffalo, but as soon as people recognize that this is a walkable neighborhood, one that’s perfect for strollers, dog walking and weekend fun, I’m their neighborhood gift and home store.”

Furnishings is the ultimate gift store in downtown, stocked with a curated selection from fun and quirky to modern and sophisticated. There’s something for everyone’s style and budget. Think funky light fixtures, cool Buffalo pillows, imaginative décor and roadie wine glasses.

Incao encourages you to come downtown to shop and experience the New Buffalo shopping scene.