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Elmwood Village

An ultra-cool neighborhood with an organic vibe, the Elmwood Village offers stellar shopping, food, bars, sweets and an elevated art experience. Voted one of the 10 Great Neighborhoods in America by the American Planning Association, the Elmwood Village is one of Buffalo’s best-kept secrets. We encourage you to go exploring!

Fashion Expert > Lauren Lamb

Lauren-LambHow would you describe your personal style?
My style is definitely a mix of classic pieces with a western and vintage influence, and I put my own modern twist on any vintage pieces I find. My style ranges from baggy vintage levis and a white tee to a 1970s jumpsuit with big hoop earrings. It’s all depending on my mood. I also collect southwestern jewelry as well, so I am always wearing my favorite turquoise pieces.

Where are your favorite places to shop? 
I love to shop at Second Chic, not just because I am the store manager there; it’s also a hidden treasure. We have a great selection of modern and vintage clothing for ladies and men. I also love the Lexington Co-op for locally made products.

What’s your perfect day in the Elmwood Village?
The first stop would be Tipico for a cortado, yum! Then we would take a walk with my family to the Peddler to browse the antiques, jewelry and vinyl. We would head down the street to the Bidwell Farmers Market to pick up some fresh produce and sit on the grass for a while. Window-shopping is always fun in the village too.

shopping-Second Chic-KatieAmbroseBest cheap score of late?
I bought the most beautiful 1970s off-the-shoulder lace vintage dress from a consignor at Second Chic for $30. It was one of those pieces that was meant to be in my wardrobe.

Your favorite place to grab a bite to eat?
If I had to choose my favorite restaurant in the Elmwood village it would be Taste of Siam. They have amazing authentic Thai food that I highly recommend. My favorite dish is the house noodles with tofu.

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