Building Bridges at the Beau Fleuve Music & Arts Celebration

By Michelle Kearns

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The Beau Fleuve Music & Arts Celebration, now in its sixth year, will draw about 2,000 people as it unfolds Sunday, August 28, 2pm to 9pm, at the old Central Terminal Station grounds at 495 Paderewski Drive in Buffalo, NY. Buy $22 tickets at The day’s lineup on three stages includes 25 live music performances – from rhythm and blues to jazz, hip hop, country, gospel, rock n’ roll, brass and neo soul.

Founder Lindsey L. Taylor created the festival to raise funds to support arts education in Buffalo schools, showcase a diverse range of local artists and build connections between people throughout the community.

“What we aim to do, every single year, is make our community better,” Taylor said. “If we continue to do that, then we did our job. If we can inspire somebody to create something, if we can inspire somebody to get involved with the community, if we can inspire artists to be activated, we did our job. Every single year, that’s what we look forward to.”

This year’s program emphasizes the interactive with a time slot for meditation and yoga, an inflatable igloo tent for lounging and an all-white bounce house for great Instagram shots. Look for the “silent disco” with music playing on individual headphones. At the Buffalo love exhibit, people can add flags from 192 countries to a sculpted wooden buffalo.

Taylor hopes festivalgoers will leave with a keepsake: Buy art from the exhibiting artists. Make a memory from an experience like the live painting sponsored by the Burchfield Penney Art Center. Or some of each.

“We just want people to come out and enjoy the experience and the culture of Western New York,” Taylor said.

Photos courtesy of Beau Fleuve Music & Arts Celebration (Facebook)

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