On Becoming a Wine Expert at Winkler & Samuels

By Charlie Fashana

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Pur·vey·or, noun: A person who sells or deals in particular goods.

At Winkler & Samuels, that person is Melissa Winkler and the goods are gooooooooood.

Of course, I’m talking about wine. Red wine, white wine, rosé wine. All the wine. But what’s unique is the wines purveyed here are natural wines sourced mainly from small producers. It’s with these wines that you’ll find the focus to be on organic, low-intervention processes that are hyper-focused on the environmental growing conditions of the grapes. After all, it’s that “terrior” that ultimately gives a wine its unique flavor and aroma.

Courtesy of Winkler & Samuels | Photo by Kim Smith

At Winkler & Samuels, you won’t find the more traditional labels sold at the typical wine outlet. But don’t confuse that with quality or variety, it’s just about broadening to learn of wines from different regions and of different approaches. The Little Club, one of Buffalo’s newest wine bars, has a similar take in their wine offering. 

Beyond the retail side of the shop, the real fun begins as you make your way into the Cellar. Below the ground level of the beautiful 500 Seneca building is the tasting room – a private, comfortably cool brick room that provides an unmatched ambiance. 

Here is where you get one of the best parts of the wine experience: the wine experience. Pairing food with drink, blending new friends with great conversation, and merging a night out with a little learning.

Melissa Winkler leading a wine class

Melissa knows her stuff, too. A certified sommelier (or “somm” to the cool kids) who has studied wine both in London and Toronto, and practiced diligently across some of the world’s most renowned regions such as Champagne, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Piedmont and Tuscany, she will drop all kinds of knowledge on you. But it will all be packaged up and delivered in a friendly and approachable fashion. 

If a few stops into the shop or a wine education class or two get you hooked, you can take things to another level by joining their Wine Club or becoming a Cellar Member. Wine Club gets you two bottles per month delivered to your door. Cellar Membership gives you a dedicated, temperature-controlled wine locker and much, much more. 

Fruitful options, endless possibilities.

Winkler & Samuels | 500 Seneca Street, Buffalo NY 14204 | winklerandsamuels.com

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