Becoming a Hero at Explore & More Children’s Museum

By Charlie Fashana

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Anyone who has kids or has to care for kids knows the feeling when you start your day. What are we going to do today? What will the kids really get a kick out of? What will fill a good amount of time? What’s affordable?

You can feel exhausted before you start, but stay with me. I’m about to tell you about Explore & More – The Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Children’s Museum. This is Buffalo’s newest addition to the family-fun roster around town.

Let’s start by addressing a few brass tacks:

• Don’t let the word “museum” fool you. It’s only a museum because you can’t say “kick-*** house of fun” in front of the kids. There’s nothing old or stodgy about this brand new building and interactive experience. 

• You can spend a half hour or half day inside and leave feeling fulfilled. There are four floors of fun to explore, with each floor offering multiple play zones.

• From the signature two-story waterfall in the “Moving Water” zone that greets you when you walk in, to the “Farm-to-Fork” zone housing the now-famous Betty-Lou-Moo cow, and everything in between, children of nearly all ages are sure to be engaged.

• The museum curators thought of everything. Explore & More was designed to be universally accessible to its patrons. There’s a comfortable cafe on the lower level where you can eat. Family-friendly bathrooms and changing rooms are on every floor. There’s even a quiet room where you can take a break from any sensory overstimulation.

So I think you’ll agree this checks the boxes. But here’s what else Explore & More does.

It makes you feel like a hero. 

Sure, the kids will be busy feeling like superheroes as they explore about. But for you, you’ll walk away with a sense of pride and fulfillment you’re not as likely to get elsewhere. 

You’ll be the hero for bringing them to this awesome new place in the city. You’ll be the hero for helping them learn when they have no idea they’re learning. You’ll be the hero for helping build more interesting, curious kids, while building a bank of lasting memories.

Everyone wins here!

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