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By Ed Healy

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If you’re looking for a socially-distant diversion or something to do with the kids, or you’re an art lover who misses the thrill of experiencing new work or just a fan of murals who likes to keep up on the newest public art, Artpark has something for you. In fact, they have something very big and very special for you.

Photo by K&D Action Photo & Aerial Imaging via Artpark

Local artists Rob Lynch and Matt SaGurney, who work together as The Solo Roths, have transformed the lower parking lot at Artpark into a 400’ x 400’ canvas characterized by playfulness and whimsy. Filled with recognizable figures, abstract shapes and seemingly random words and phrases, the gigantic mural is a cartoon-like, surrealistic mash-up that would make both Dr. Seuss and Salvador Dali smile. It’s that much fun. Children, who might normally balk at a trip to an art museum, will find a lot to love in “The Solo Roths Waltz Across the Red Hot Colossus Lot,” making a game of following its fanciful images, colors and lines as they meander across Artpark’s Lot D.


The artists, who have worked together since their days as Buff State students in the ‘90s, collaborated with the Artpark Bridges Team during the early months of the pandemic to come up with the concepts and sketches that would ultimately find their way on to the asphalt of Artpark. Volunteers and friends aided in the painting process.

Native American Peace Garden / Photo by Jordan Oscar via Artpark

If you haven’t been to Artpark in some time, you should also check out the new Native American Peace Garden that was built this summer to celebrate the traditions and culture of the region’s indigenous people and serve as a place of contemplation and tranquility. Set on the edge of the Niagara Gorge, adjacent to Lot D, it is one of the most beautiful spots in all of Western New York.

Collage photos by Matt SaGurney via Artpark

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