AFAR Ranks Buffalo Among Most Surprising U.S. Cities

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As our nation continues to battle the spread of COVID-19, we here in Buffalo have been dreaming of the day when we can welcome you back to Western New York. Until that day, we’ll continue to share the stories of our amazing, resilient and unexpected city.

Speaking of unexpected things, travel publication AFAR, also dreaming of a day when travel returns, has honored Buffalo with a place on their list of the 9 Most Surprising Cities in the U.S.

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“Western New York is one of our favorite weekend getaways and not just because of Niagara Falls,” AFAR explains.

Covering everything from food, architecture, one-of-a-kind accommodations and the arts, AFAR recognizes that our city’s revitalization “has moved swiftly in the last five years” and offers a bit of something for every traveler.

Understanding that responsible travel is key, AFAR assembled this list with the hope that it “opens your eyes to new possibilities and inspires future adventures”. We hope it does, too.

Read the entire AFAR piece at the link here: 9 Most Surprising Cities in the U.S.

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