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A consortium of Frank Lloyd Wright sites located in Western Pennsylvania and Western New York have joined forces, launching a road trip that illustrates the epic arc and grandeur of the legendary architect’s career. Beginning with his groundbreaking Prairie Style of the early 1900s through his visionary development of organic architecture in the 1930s at Fallingwater, just recently inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, and concluding with one of his most breathtaking Usonian houses of the late 1950s, the Great Wright Road Trip gathers together one of the most representative and inspiring collections of his work in the United States.

In a recent article, the Great Wright Road Trip has even piqued the interest of the architecture-lovers at AFAR, a premier travel publication.

“Western New York and western Pennsylvania are actually a hot spot for Frank Lloyd Wright works, thanks to the patronage of two wealthy families of the early 1900s, the Martins of Buffalo and the Kaufmanns of Pittsburgh,” AFAR explains.

In the Buffalo, NY area Great Wright road-trippers can visit Blue Sky Mausoleum, The Filling Station at the Pierce Arrow Museum, Fontana Rowing Boathouse, Graycliff and the Martin House. In Pennsylavania, they can experience Fallingwater (UNESCO World Heritage Site), Kentuck Knob, and Polymath Park.

Visitors can also experience the working environment where Wright created many of his late-career designs — the architect’s San Francisco office has been reassembled and installed as a permanent exhibit at the Erie County Historical Society-Hagen History Center in Erie, Pennsylvania.

To read the entire AFAR article visit: See 9 Stunning Frank Lloyd Wright Works on the New Great Wright Road Trip

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