Hospitality Training

Become an in the buf expert

Do you interact with visitors on a regular basis and sometimes struggle to answer ALL their questions? Questions like, “What is there to do here?” “Who has the best chicken wings,” and “How do I get to Niagara Falls – without a car?”


Welcome to Buffalo! We’re expecting you! is Visit Buffalo Niagara’s answer to helping hospitality and tourism professionals (and volunteers) provide excellent customer service to the nearly 8 million visitors coming to Erie County each year, spending more than $1.8 billion.


During our 90 minutes together, we review the importance of tourism to Erie County’s economic growth, why people are coming here, customer service strategies (with an emphasis on visitor needs) and the impact social media has on today’s business landscape. Area resources are presented – and we leave ample time for additional questions and networking. Classes are held monthly at Visit Buffalo Niagara’s administrative offices or we are happy to do this training at your location.


For more information or to schedule a class, contact Jo Ann Blatner.