11 Buffalo Buildings That Shine at Night

In Buffalo, the hours from dusk until dawn are some of most magical. After dark, the Queen City takes on a whole new life. As Buffalo is known for unique structures and buildings designed by world-renowned architects, we’re showing them off through all hours of the night – and in dynamic, imaginative new ways.

But don’t just take my word for it – seeing is believing. Below, you’ll see a gallery composed of beautiful Buffalo buildings that completely transform past twilight taken by some of our favorite local Instagram photographers using #InTheBUF. If you’re a bit of night owl, wait until after sunset, grab your phone or camera and upload your shots of Buffalo’s nighttime skyline using #InTheBUF. We’d love to see your photos!

Featured photo Ace Photography New York (Instagram: @acephotographynewyork)

#TravelBUF photo of Buffalo Savings Bank by Joe George (@pazbici)

#TravelBUF photo of Buffalo & Erie County Botanical Gardens by @acephotographynewyork