7 Iconic Buffalo Foods Receive International Attention

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Sure, you could plan a long weekend in Buffalo for a whole host of reasons. Beautiful architecture around every corner? Check. Stunning natural beauty and parks? You bet. A tapestry of rich, diverse history to uncover? Absolutely. But everybody has to eat. And in Buffalo, you’ll eat well – and then some.

Buffalo, as Canada.com writer Jody Robbins discovered in a recent article, is home to a variety of unique and delicious regional specialties that are 100 percent drool-inducing.

“Buffalo, New York is known for its wings, but there’s plenty of other local delicacies you won’t find anywhere else,” Robbins writes. “Unpretentious, yet lively, Buffalo has quietly morphed into one of American’s great food cities. And when a city smells like Cheerios (thank you, General Mills factory), you know food’s gonna be on the brain of most folks.”

There’s a reason folks plan entire trips to Buffalo just to eat. With so many flavors you can’t get outside of the 716 area code, you can be sure places like Charlie the Butcher’s for beef on weck, Bocce Club Pizza for a Buffalo-style slice, Ted’s Hot Dogs for a charbroiled dog, and Watson’s Chocolates for a box of sponge candy are high on the to-do list for many visitors.

You can fantasize about your Buffalo food pilgrimage and read the entire Canada.com piece here: Forget Wings! This is what you need to eat in Buffalo

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