6 Exhibits for Family Fun at the Buffalo Museum of Science

During winter, as cabin fever starts to set in, many parents, grandparents and sitters are looking for ways to get the little ones out of the house. Well there just so happens to be a place in Buffalo that provides hours of education, cleverly disguised as fun – the Buffalo Museum of Science. Four floors of interactive exhibits, displays, games and kid-friendly laboratories will have your whiz kids zipping from room to room so fast that they’ll forget they’re actually learning! Make your way to these 6 exhibits the next time you visit the museum:

The Art of the Brick:
Don’t miss the museum’s newest display, The Art of the Brick. Created by LEGO extraordinaire, Nathan Sawaya, kids and adults alike will enjoy this exhibit featuring 3D recreations of famous works of art, wholly original LEGO creations and a lifesize LEGO dinosaur. Be sure to visit before May 5th to enjoy the fun before it’s gone.

Rethink Extinct:
After you visit Stanley & Seymour, the museum’s giant Mastodon and Albertosaurus, head to this exhibit on the 2nd floor, and back in time (542 million years to be exact!) Little archaeologists can hang with the dinos, hunt for fossils, and dig for bones.

A science museum staple, step inside the Biodiversity room to experience an up-close encounter with bears, bison, birds and much more. Be sure to stop at the touch table for a display of furs and teeth, ready for little hands to explore.

Our Marvelous Earth:
Take a playful peek into the power of Mother Nature on the 3rd floor. Step inside a hurricane, build a mini house to sustain an earthquake, and get your hands wet moving sand at the erosion table.

Buffalo In Space
Blast off to the 4th floor for an entire room of intergalactic interaction! View all of the planets, build your own rocketship, and even make a stop-motion movie of space exploration. Younger kiddos will especially enjoy an expedition to the space stations, amongst piles of moveable moon rocks.

End your trip with a visit to the Explorations room, where curious minds and active kiddos can find endless opportunities for fun. This huge playspace with interactive displays and toys galore is always a family favorite. Play dress up, build a house, discover the light table, tuck into the toddler corner, or splash at the water table!

Ready to discover your own family favorites? Plan your visit today!


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Wednesday: 10am – 9pm
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