6 East Side Taverns to Get Your Dyngus On

“Everyone’s Polish on Dyngus Day!” Heading out for the massive post-Easter festivities on Monday or looking for an old world, welcoming atmosphere any time of the year? We’re taking you on a tour of neighborhood bars and joints in Buffalo’s historic Polonia District that are seemingly frozen in time. These are establishments that pride themselves on tradition, heritage, and celebrate Dyngus Day like no other – in grand Buffalo fashion!

1. R&L Lounge, 23 Mills Street
R&L is an experience. It’s like going home to mom and dad’s house for dinner, if mom (Lottie) served signature pierogi and golabki every day of the week, and dad (Ronnie) served two-dollar Genesee cream ales from behind the pine. This staple of the east side has been going strong for nearly half a century. Pro tip: If you’re looking to get some grub, call ahead as Lottie makes everything fresh in-house.

2. Arty’s, 508 Peckham Street
Situated in the middle of the Dyngus Day brouhaha, Arty’s is the epicenter of Polish pride. Music, singing and dancing will carry you from Dyngus day into Dyngus night. Bound to be boisterous and filled with patrons clad in red and white, strike up a toast with your fellow Dyngus-ers. Na zdrowie!

3. Daren’s Tavern, 514 Howard Street
This blue-collar bar is the epitome of east side Buffalo: simple, modest, and humble to its core. Dressed in timeless decor, serving up a hometown favorite brew list, and always filled with welcoming and friendly customers, Daren’s is a one-of-a-kind joint. Oh yeah, and if you need to call a cab make sure to use their functional 40s-style phone booth.

4. Adam Mickiewicz Library & Dramatic Circle, 612 Fillmore Avenue
Year after year Mickey’s, as it’s lovingly called, opens its doors for an influx of Dyngus Day celebrators. Aside from serving an extensive menu of Polish beers, Mickey’s houses stacks upon stacks of Polish books, literature, and hand-written plays collected since its founding in 1895.

5. Dick’s Eastside Inn, 221 Lombard Street
Maybe you took a break from the Dyngus Day celebration in the streets to enjoy a meal at the Broadway Market. Now you need a cool beverage to wash it all down. Well, you’re in luck as Dick’s Eastside Inn is right across the street! A neighborhood favorite of Market shoppers for nearly 80 years, Dick’s is a must-visit Dyngus Day tavern.

Geno, “The Singing Bartender”, at G&T Inn

6. G&T Inn, 68 Memorial Drive
Home to Buffalo legend, “Geno” Kiszelewski, the “singing bartender”, G&T Inn is situated along the Dyngus Day parade route in the shadow of the mighty Central Terminal. Guaranteed to be hopping and filled with joyous music and guests, G&T is a classic Polonia bar. And maybe, if you ask nicely, “Geno” just might sing you a tune.

Buffalo is Dyngus Day central – the #1 city for the historically Polish festivities held the day after Easter commemorating the end of Lent. Few cities in America have as large of a Polish population as Buffalo – and perhaps none Dyngus harder. Check out all the fun here: