9 Ways Downtown Has Decked Out For the Holidays

By Brian Hayden

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When I’m downtown during the holiday season, I feel a connection to generations past. This is where my parents and grandparents browsed through old-time retailers like L.L. Berger’s, Hens and Kelly’s, Hengerer’s and AM&A’s to find Christmas gifts as the snow fell outside. Retailers’ window displays of costume characters greeted customers as they darted in from Main Street.

These days, the shops, restaurants and attractions that give the district vibrancy are quiet due to the ongoing COVID restrictions. But even with all of that, at the holidays, downtown’s historic architecture is decked out, both a throwback  to an earlier era and a testament to the interest in making the city shine as its revitalization looks forward to the future.

Below are 9 ways to see downtown decked out during the holiday season. Enjoy!

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Brian Hayden

Brian Hayden served as Visit Buffalo Niagara's Communications Manager from 2014 to 2020 after working as a newspaper reporter and social media manager in Northern New York. Tweet to him @brian_hayden.