15 Fun Foods to Try at the Erie County Fair

By Jessica Kelly

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The summer is quickly flying by, but don’t go ordering your Halloween costumes or your pumpkin spice lattes just yet. Truthfully, the weather stays hot here well into September, and there are still some wonderful summer events to attend! Of course, the pinnacle of those events is “The Best 12 Days of Summer” – the Erie County Fair (now until August 18th)!

The fair has been a long standing tradition in Buffalo for years, 180 years to be exact! There are markets, demos, cute animals, entertaining shows, and plenty of rides, but we know why everyone really goes to the fair – the crazy tasty foods! Every year we think that the Erie County Fair couldn’t possibly top the list of new items that are both a little strange and unique, but they never disappoint. With a full list of delicious looking items, you’ll have to try them to believe them.

Bacon Cheeseburger Poutine by Poutine Gourmet
The Fair is taking this Canadian tradition and putting an American Twist on it by topping it with the most American thing there is, a cheeseburger! These fresh, salted french fries are doused in a brown Canadian gravy with a hearty amount of cheese curds melted to perfection before being topped with crispy bacon and ground beef.

Brisket Nachos by Dre’s Place BBQ
Nothing says summer quite like some good barbecue! Dre is taking their signature brisket and piling it onto tortilla chips with a generous helping of their signature sauce and, of course, plenty of cheese because cheese makes everything better. Add some jalapeno peppers if you’d like a kick!

Hot Candy Wings by BW’s BBQ
If you love chicken and waffles, chocolate-covered popcorn, and basically any combination of flavors like sweet, salty, savory, and spicy then you’ll love what BW’s has in store for you this year. They’re actually taking chicken wings and tossing them in a hot candy sauce. You have to taste it to understand it!

Buffalo Chicken Banana Peppers by Salvatore’s Pizza
Let’s be honest, the Fair is all about eating decadently. However, sometimes you need something more substantial. You need an actual meal when you’re hungry, not just cotton candy. The Buffalo chicken banana peppers at Salvatore’s Pizza are both filling and full of flavor.

Pierogi Poutine with Shredded Pot Roast by Babcia’s Pierogi
Every year Babcia’s Pierogi create unusual flavors that always work perfectly. This year they’re doing a potato cheddar pierogi topped with cheese curds, gravy, and before you think it’s too much like poutine they’re taking it to the next level by adding shredded Guinness pot roast over the pierogies. Delicious!

Chicken Feta Fries by Venus
Loaded on top of the thick cut steak fries is plenty of feta cheese, marinated juicy chicken breast, Greek dressing, and a hearty helping of their garlic sauce that is out of this world.

Soba Noodle Stir-Fry with Sweet Teriyaki Chicken by Wok on the Wild Side Foods
These fried soba noodles are served with fresh veggies coated in a sweet sticky glaze from the teriyaki sauce and served with juicy teriyaki chicken, all in a to-go container so you don’t miss a second of the action at the Fair.

Mac & Cheese Sundae by Mineo & Sapio
If you’re a fan of savory over sweet, then you’ll love Mineo & Sapio’s version of a sundae. The elbow macaroni is covered in a cheese sauce made from four different cheeses and blended with red peppers and green peppers, caramelized onions and little pieces of their homemade sausage before being topped with a drizzle of red sauce and a meatball on the very top.

Not Your Mother’s Peanut Butter and Jelly Cheesecake by Cheesecake Guy
Who doesn’t love a good peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Blending it into a cheesecake is just plain smart. You’ll get two slices of peanut butter cheesecake wrapped around a layer of loganberry jam!

Potato Butts by Renaissance Lodge Curly Q’s
Potato butts, or what essentially seems to be potato skins, are deep fried potato slices topped with cheese, crispy bacon, crunchy chives, hot sauce, and sour cream. Simple and delicious!

Strawberry Mezza Luna by Salvatores Pizza
This is Salvatore’s sweet take on a traditional calzone, but instead of mozzarella cheese and pepperoni they stuffed this classic calzone with cream cheese and strawberries!

The Flaming Hot Cheeto Fries by Big Kahuna’s
Bring back your childhood by enjoying an enhanced version of a Flaming Hot Cheeto treat. They take fresh french fries and cover them in a drizzle of cheddar cheese sauce before sticking Flaming Hot Cheeto dust to them to bring some fire to these fries.

Waffle Bombs by Waffle Bombs
Takes a skewer of strawberries, dunk them in Belgian waffle batter, deep fry them, and sprinkle powdered sugar on top to make this delicious treat they call a waffle bomb. We just call it yummy!

Luv Puffs by Tropical Luv
This sweet originally started as a Dutch treat in Amsterdam, and it basically looks like a little tiny, fluffy pancakes with freshly made batter and gourmet toppings like Nutella crunch.

Loganberry Funnel Cake Corn Dog by Chester’s Gators & Taters
Buffalo loves taking our classic foods and drinks and turning them into other foods, so using loganberry to create a funnel cake was only a matter of time. The process starts with deep frying a hotdog dipped in loganberry batter, sprinkling powdered sugar on it with a loganberry drizzle to finish.

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