12 Beautiful Examples of Olmsted’s Buffalo Legacy

Visit some of Buffalo’s most beautiful parks and neighborhoods, and you’ll see the enduring work of landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted.

Olmsted was already renowned for designing Central Park in New York when he came to Buffalo in 1868 and convinced city leaders to create a whole system of parks and parkways here. His work in Buffalo continues to be recognized an astounding 150 years later; the Guardian named his system of parks and parkways among the 10 best in the world.

From the iconic Albright-Knox Art Gallery (closed for renovations and re-opening Spring 2022) to the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens and the Richardson Olmsted Campus, some of Buffalo’s most recognizable landmarks are set against the backdrop of Olmsted’s remarkable landscapes. Here are 12 examples of Olmsted’s Buffalo legacy taken by our talented Instagram #InTheBUF community!

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