11 Spots to Bring the Kids in Buffalo

By Karen Fashana

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“I’m booooored.”

For most parents, there’s nothing worse than hearing those words. Mostly because your kids are saying it as they’re surrounded by every toy they’ve ever owned, a library full of books, iPads, iPods and iAssumeAMillionOtherThings. The cure for the common kid complaint is a visit to Buffalo Niagara, chock-full of kid tested and kid approved activities. Whether you call Buffalo home or it’s your next checkmark on the family travel bucket list, here’s a list of 11 things to keep the kiddies happy, engaged and boredom-free.

Buffalo Museum of Science, 1020 Humboldt Pkwy, Buffalo

Blur the line between learning and fun as your lil’ future scientist explores Buffalo’s favorite Science Museum. 

Explore & More – The Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Children’s Museum, 130 Main St, Buffalo

Every day is a play date at Explore & More. Introduce your child to the magic of imaginative play and hands-on discovery at their new downtown museum!

Buffalo Heritage Carousel, 44 Prime St, Buffalo

Giddy up to this 101-year old former wooden carrousel factory. Learn the history of the famous ride and pick your favorite pony on the merry-go-round!

Rainforest Falls at The Buffalo Zoo

Buffalo Zoo, 300 Parkside Ave, Buffalo

See the sloths, peep the polar bears and view the vampire bats at the wildest place in town. Plus, the weather is always warm inside of the balmy Rainforest Falls.

Theatre of Youth, 203 Allen St, Buffalo

This historic Allentown theatre has entertainment geared just for them. Grab your ticket (and a seat!) and try some kid culture on for size.

Water Bikes of Buffalo

Canalside Buffalo, 44 Prime St, Buffalo

This activity-filled park alongside the restored western terminus of the Erie Canal is the hub of Buffalo’s redeveloped waterfront. See how many types of waterborne vehicles your kids can spot as you gaze from Canalside’s boardwalk onto the Buffalo River – keep an eye out for water bikes, stand up paddleboards, a tiki hut boat, kayaks and more!

Buffalo & Erie County Botanical Gardens

Buffalo & Erie County Botanical Gardens, 2655 South Park Ave, Buffalo

While the weather outside can change in a snap, the temperature inside the Botanical Gardens is always toasty. Your little botanist will have a field day seeing and smelling the beautiful flora under the dome.

Tifft Nature Preserve, 1200 Fuhrmann Blvd, Buffalo

Get to know Mother Nature and the wildlife of Buffalo. From deer to beaver and all sorts of birds, Tifft Nature Preserve is a slice of the wilderness, right in the Buffalo city limits.

Explore & More: The Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Children’s Museum

Buffalo Niagara Heritage Village, 3755 Tonawanda Creek Rd, Amherst

It’s always the 19th century at the Village. Take a step back to a simpler time and let your kiddos see how the world worked before smartphones and Sesame Street.

I’m bored? Not in Buffalo.

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