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The critics are buzzing about Buffalo…but don’t take our word for it.

“Buffalo has been undergoing a rebirth over the past few decades, resulting in vibrant neighborhoods, a buzzing food and drink scene, and a reputation as a worthwhile destination for art and culture lovers.”
— The Scottish Sun (Click here for entire article)

“Back in the day, the Erie Canal turned Buffalo into a bustling bastion of industry and commerce — until trains and automobiles rendered the canal obsolete. Today, the city is in the throes of more transformation, shaking off its Rust Belt past and embracing the waterways that helped build it. Nowhere is this change more obvious than in the buzzy area called Canalside. The vibrant energy here is palpable. The waterfront is once again brimming with activity, but unlike in the canal days, the focus is on new hotels and restaurants, sporting activities, river cruises and entertainment.
— Chicago Tribune (Click here for entire article)

“A new Buffalo is on the move, rising upward with great dynamism, realizing the future is now. In the second largest city in the state with a distinct personality of tree-lined streets, diverse neighborhoods, and wonderfully maintained turn-of-the-century homes, the passion of Buffalonians is reflected in the innovative fabric of the city.”
— LA Travel

“Now nearly complete, the (Darwin Martin) house is the lynchpin of a five-site ‘All Wright, All Day’ tour that aims to bring his fans to upstate New York and put Buffalo back on the map as a major design destination.”
— Conde Nast Traveler (Click here for entire article)

“Tucked between New York’s Finger Lakes Wine Country to the east and Canada’s Niagara Escarpment to the west, Buffalo is an under-the-radar destination for people in the know. Many compare it to the nearby culinary hub of Pittsburgh, but its edginess and proximity to grape-growing regions makes it more of an East Coast version of Oakland, California.
— Wine Enthusiast (Click here for entire article)

“Buffalo, without a doubt, I think, is one of the great eating cities,” said Michael Stern, a founder of roadfood.com. “When you think of gastronomic meccas in the country, you don’t think of upstate New York. But, in fact, it has so much to offer.”
— The New York Times (Click here for entire article)

“The Wright sites make the drive to Buffalo worthwhile, but its many other magnificent historic buildings by other architects would make the city a can’t-miss destination for architecture tourism even if Wright had never set foot there.”
— The Columbus Dispatch (Click here for entire article)

“#Buffalo’s not Austin yet (thank goodness), but it finally knows how great it could be.”
— Jason Cochran (@JasCochran)

“Geographically located about halfway between New York City’s thin crust tradition and Chicago’s signature deep dish version, Buffalo, N.Y. has it own less famous, but no less delicious, take on the pizza genre…The dough is very light and airy given its thickness, and the outside crust edge is significantly crisper than the base, as is the mozzarella cheese near the outside edge. This makes outer pieces even more desirable than usual — while interior bites are just as good, exterior bites are delicious, the highlight of Buffalo-style.”
— Larry Olmsted, Special for USA Today (Click here for entire article)

“In many ways, Buffalo represents the best of Americana and the breadth of the American story in the 20th century, and it’s learning to rectify the planning errors of recent generations by reviving what was wonderful about its origins. If you’re the kind of traveler who notices the charms of yesteryear peeking through—like this cherubic face in stained glass in a stairway at Inn Buffalo—then the city has the power to surprise with both its ghosts and its current residents.”
— Frommers.com (Click here for entire article)

“Canalside has transformed Buffalo’s lake shore from a sea of parking lots to a destination where locals and tourists gather for concerts, festivals, craft beer and fun on the water (even when it’s ice).”
— Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“The city of Buffalo has the right idea. Provide a variety of activities that are sure to draw locals and tourists alike into the city center every day of the summer. Russ and I were quite lucky that our hotel was directly across the street from the Canalside parks, harbor, boardwalk, stages, and famed attractions. I have never witnessed a city who does more to encourage outdoor participation… and at NO CHARGE!”
— Karen Kuzsel (Click here for entire article)

“Buffalo, New York is on the cusp of something big, from its booming city center to its buzzing West Side.”
— New York Daily News (Click here for entire article)

“Many will remember trips to the Walden Galleria Mall and various outlets in and around Buffalo when the Canadian dollar was stronger, but for those interested in architecture, urban renewal narratives, and burgeoning food scenes, there’s a host of other reasons to head down the QEW these days.”
— BlogTO (Click here for entire article)

“I’m a shameless fan of this Rust Belt locale that’s constantly reinventing itself.”
Toronto Star Travel Editor Jennifer Bain (Click here for entire article)  

“Buffalo NY is rocking a nice growing beer scene. Looks like I might have to visit soon!”
— @BeerBabe

“Buffalo also has the distinction of holding the most popular celebration of gardening in North America. Called Garden Walk and staged every summer, it was dreamed up by two enthusiastic amateur gardeners over two decades ago. However, what’s happened since then is truly remarkable. The event has kept on getting bigger, like a pumpkin on steroids, and wound up becoming a huge tourist attraction. Last year, for instance, some 50,000 people came, from as far afield as California. In fact, good luck finding a room in the Buffalo area on the last weekend in July, when Garden Walk always takes place. Many hotels are sold out months in advance. But even if you have to settle for accommodation on our side of the border — or simply drive down for the day — make the effort to experience Garden Walk this summer. It’s unique and in a class by itself.”
— The Toronto Star

“In the world of Garden Tours events there is Garden Walk Buffalo and all the others. There is no garden event that combines community engagement, economic benefit to the community, leveraging of a wide range of local related arts and culture and garden tourism beauty and spectacle. The result is perhaps the largest community garden tourism event in the world with over 400 gardens for over 60,000 visitors from around the world. The fact that this model has been copied but never surpassed is testament to its success and quality and yet year in/year out never ceases to grow, change and build upon its success and reputation. Today it ranks as one of the iconic garden tourism events on a par with the Chelsea Flower show, the Philadelphia Flower show, Keukenhof Gardens, and Floriade in Australia – lofty company indeed.”
— Richard Benfield, author of the book “Garden Tourism”

“When it comes to tourism, gardens are un-exploited assets in most communities. Tourism organizations have yet to acknowledge that a ‘garden visit’ is one of the top ten activities of tourists. I always point to the City of Buffalo as a destination that has transformed back, front and side yard gardens into tourist attractions with Garden Walk Buffalo. Your approach is a great example for those promoting the development of garden tourism.Garden Walk Buffalo is also proof that you do not have to have a Longwood Gardens as an attraction in your community, to be a garden tourism destination.” 
— Michel Gauthier, Manager, North American Garden Tourism Conference and Canada’s Garden Route.

“Boom time for Buffalo. New York’s second-largest city has sprung back to life, with retro-cool restaurants and watering holes downtown that recall its industrial glory days.”
— Travel & Leisure (Click here for entire article)

“Industrial yet beautiful, the city of Buffalo, New York, is an unexpected alternative to some of yesterday’s hot urban places to visit. Cheap, diverse, walkable, and edgy, the Erie lakefront area is made up of interesting buildings of the past, from the stone-and-brick downtown to colorful immigrant-infused neighborhoods.”
— Afar Magazine (Click here for entire article)

You can find more people on the Buffalo waterfront today than you could in its heyday when it was the grain-handling capital of the world.”
— The National Post (Click here for entire article)

“Thanks to sweeping revitalization, historic classics are being resuscitated and given new life as boutique hotels and restaurants.”
— Paste Magazine (Click here for entire article)

“Former visitors are in for a shock—in the best possible way. The city has shed its ugly duckling image to emerge a vibrant urban hub busily reinventing itself.”
— Smarter Travel (Click here for entire article)

“Recently, we had a chance to spend three days in Buffalo, New York. We loved it — especially the history, the architecture, the food, the beer, the art and the renaissance. There is a unique urbanity to Buffalo that makes it true to itself and not trying to be like everyone else.”
— Richard White, everydaytourist.ca (Click here for entire article)

“It has emerged as a place that ticks all the boxes in everything what you’d want from a vacay away from it. Buffalo is taking its turn in the spotlight. You’ve come a long way, baby!”
— Michele Sponagle, Vacay.ca (Click here for entire article)