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Greetings from Buffalo
Goo Goo Dolls mural

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Albright-Knox's Public Art Initiative

Greetings from Buffalo

Goo Goo Dolls mural

Buffalo’s Public Art is Lookin’ Good

Before the paint has dried on one new mural, a bucket truck is rolling into place, paint is being mixed and another is underway these days in Buffalo. That’s only a slight exaggeration, as businesses, community groups, block clubs and artists join the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in creating new murals all over the city. There are massive celebrations of color, geometry and abstraction alongside comic book-style renderings, photo-realistic stencils, op-art, graffiti art and homages to rock stars dead and alive. World famous street artists share Buffalo’s walls with talented newcomers and commercial artists exploring a new medium. It’s an exciting time to walk Buffalo’s streets not knowing what visual treat lies around the next corner. While serendipity is almost always something to be savored, we thought we’d save you some time by putting together a guide to the best of Buffalo’s murals. Enjoy our open-air museum.

Some of our greatest hits. A more comprehensive map is below.

Walking Back Time by Logan Hicks
5 East Huron Street, Buffalo

Metamorphosis #5 by Tavar Zawacki
1665 Main Street, Buffalo

Untitled by Eduardo Kobra
1188 Hertel Avenue, Buffalo

Optiechromie-BUF by Felipe Pantone
Washington Street between East Tupper and East Chippewa Streets (back of Town Ballroom), Buffalo

Wildflowers for Buffalo by Louis Jones
465 Washington Street, Buffalo

Balancing Act II by Aakash Nihalani
44 Brayton Street, Buffalo

Green Kaleidoscope by Augustina Droze
2303 Main Street, Buffalo

1800s Bikes in Vines by Nicole Cherry
1330 Niagara Street, Buffalo

Botanical Blueprint by Hillary Waters Fayle
244 Dewitt Street, Buffalo

Work and Play by Otecki
617 Fillmore Avenue, Buffalo

Our Colors Make Us Beautiful by Muhammad Zaman
1131 Broadway, Buffalo

Weego by Chuck Tingley and Matt Grote
1503 Hertel Avenue, Buffalo