“You’re Going Where?” Buffalo, According to Washington Post

As winter has settled in, Buffalo has remained hot. The Washington Post discovered that Buffalo is the place to be regardless of the season on a recent journey through every corner of the city.

Lynn Freehill-Maye, freelance writer for The Washington Post, spent some time getting to know Buffalo below the surface. This recently published article in The Washington Post’s ‘You’re Going Where?’ series answers the big question; “Why should you visit Buffalo?”

“The newly hot city in Upstate New York — full of sports enthusiasts, restaurateurs and makers — knows exactly what to do with itself in any kind of weather,” Freehill-Maye explains. “Its history of all-year friendliness goes back well over a century. From immigrants to visionaries, open-hearted Buffalo has always welcomed both workaday folks and ambitious leaders to its cramped Victorian rowhouses and handsome turn-of-the-century mansions.”

From the reimagining of Buffalo’s towering grain silos and restored architecture to the streets of Buffalo’s charming neighborhoods, there’s literally something for everyone to discover and love in Buffalo. And when you visit Buffalo, as Lynn Freehill-Maye states, “you get bragging rights for being in the know before the larger world”.

You can read Lynn Freehill-Maye’s entire roundup on what to see and do in Buffalo here: The Washington Post: You’re Going Where? Things to Do in Buffalo