Your Personal Guide: Meet the Unexpected Buffalo Bot

| Sightseeing

Hi there! It’s me, the Unexpected Buffalo Bot, a tall, dark, furry fellow and your automated guide to everything fun, genuine and surprising about Buffalo, New York. Welcome!

Visit Buffalo Niagara is making it easier for you to find the latest and greatest things to see, eat and do in Buffalo using the devices virtually everyone carries with them – smartphones. We’ve launched the first destination-centric chatbot in the United States. Developed by GuideBot, “Ask the Unexpected Buffalo” makes it easy to communicate with this lovable buffalo via the Facebook Messenger app. Log on to Messenger, send a private message to Visit Buffalo Niagara’s Facebook page, and get an instant reply with always-fresh info on upcoming events, delicious restaurants, breweries and bars, and fun attractions to see and do in New York’s second-largest city.


You can even type in your own questions to the Unexpected Buffalo like, “Where can I get some pizza?” or “What concerts are taking place nearby?” for suggestions based on your geographic location across Buffalo and Erie County.

The next time you’re in Buffalo, make sure to introduce yourself to the Unexpected Buffalo on Facebook Messenger. 24/7/365, this digital tour guide is right at your fingertips and eager to show you all that Buffalo has to offer. To learn more about the best of Buffalo, check out the Visit Buffalo Niagara Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. #TravelBUF