World’s Best Solo Travel Destinations: Lisbon. Morocco. Buffalo.

Buffalo’s reputation as one of America’s friendliest cities is widely known. We’re called the City of Good Neighbors for a good reason. Just ask Travel + Leisure.

But it wasn’t until a recent solo trip to Buffalo that Thrillist’s Miami-based editor, Matt Meltzer, got to witness the Queen City’s friendly nature firsthand. Buffalo left an impression, compelling Meltzer to include the Queen City on Thrillist’s recent list of 15 Places to take the Solo Trip of a Lifetime.

Photo by Mike Shriver, Buffalo Photo Blog

“The city itself is chock-full of culture, breweries, and reinvented relics from its manufacturing heyday. And all of that is fun to visit solo. But if you’re the type who wants to be embraced into the local nightlife, you’ll never find a better place,” Meltzer wrote.

Meltzer found friendly patrons at places like the Anchor Bar, the birthplace of the wing; Vue at the Curtiss Hotel, downtown’s swanky new rooftop bar and late-night hangouts like Allentown’s The Old Pink. Along the way, affable Buffalo citizens were more than happy to chat about Buffalo’s history and buy the next round of beers.

But don’t just take Thrillist’s word for it; come and experience “the kind of genuine that folks from the coasts rarely experience.” You can read the entire Thrillist article here.