The Ultimate Hour-by-Hour Guide to Buffalo Bills Tailgating

Buffalo Bills tailgating isn’t just an afterthought for fans, it’s an experience, a ritual. The hours leading up to the game are just as important as the time between kickoff and when the play clock hits 0:00. From the food and friends, to games and traditions, here’s our hour-by-hour GIF guide to tailgating at New Era Field:

8:48 PM: Saturday night. Prep that chili!

6:30 AM: Sunday morning, the crack of dawn. Alarm sounds, gear up.

7:10 AM: Supply run. Tim Horton’s coffee and ice. That’s it.

7:22 AM: Stock that cooler with the essentials. Check out that Zubaz print can!

7:45 AM: Assemble at the central meeting location. Gather from far and wide to support the squad!

8:10 AM: Mark your territory. Pitch the tents. Fly the flags. This is Bills country!

8:20 AM: Pop the Paula’s. A different twist on the caloric intake you may associate with Bills tailgating!

8:30 AM: Start the fire. Stay warm. Maybe burn the opponent’s jersey.

10:00 AM: Maximum grilleration. Meat, meat and more meat. Oh and a vegetable, stuffed with more meat… and cheese.

10:45 AM: Toss the pigskin, play some games – like the Buffalo-born Kan Jam.

12:00 PM: Get fired up! Keep the “Shout Song” on repeat until the pilgrimage into the stadium begins.

12:30 – Keys to the game, because, you know, this is a big game. #1 – Run the ball. #2 – Stop the run. #3 – Most importantly, have fun out there!

12:57 – LETS DO THIS! LETS – GO – BUF – FA – LO!