The Quirks of Larkin Square

larkin square

Larkin Square

Larkin Square, anchor of the newly dubbed “Larkinville” and leader of one of the city’s best revitalization stories, is loaded with unique sights, sounds, activities, and eats. All of which are based solely on one premise: FUN!

I’m sure you’ve heard of the “marquee” events such as Food Truck Tuesdays and Live at Larkin Wednesdays. There’s also an Author Speaker Series and boxed lunches on the boardwalk. But go deeper. Explore. Investigate. You’re going to uncover some wicked coolness.

Revisit your childhood and wiggle around one of the Larkin Hula Hoops. Burn off some calories and laugh at yourself in the process (or the others trying if you’re too shy).

the larkin links

One of the holes at the Larkin Links.

Play nine holes of nano golf (plus two bonus holes) on the Larkin Links. Open from spring until September, use a vintage putter to putt your way around the course filled with artist designed, local landmark obstacles. Let me tell you, this is tough! But if you succeed here you’re sure to shave a few strokes of your game.

Everyone has fun at Larkin Square!

Hula-Hoops are part of the fun at Larkin Square.

Next to the course are the pickleball courts. Yes pickleball. I don’t know how the game came to be pickled, but think of a mix of tennis and badminton, not shriveled cucumbers.

Just across the the square is the Hydraulic Hearth, Larkinville’s newest restaurant. It has some must-try food and drinks, but also offers its own mix of uniqueness. The (716) GAL-LERY – a converted phone booth – functions as the world’s smallest art gallery. A new exhibit is displayed every three months, and the telephone itself is always part of the art.

And then of course, my favorite, the beer garden. Beer gardens are all the rage and this one is top notch (see friend and fellow blogger, Jay Josker’s words on beer gardening). Enjoy beer, music, atmosphere and old fashioned, retirement community style shuffleboard!

I’d venture to say more things like this will continue to appear on Larkin’s playlist. Just remember one additional thing. There’s an underlying theme that gets lost in all the shenanigans: It’s all free!