The Petal Pusher Runs on Flower Power

By Karen Fashana

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Flowers make us feel good. You don’t need a degree in botany to know that. Their bursts of color and intoxicating aroma have a way of brightening our mood, whether enlivening a garden or jazzing up a kitchen table.

So, it’s no wonder that one of Buffalo’s newest entrepreneurs wanted to build her business around them. Samantha Reidy’s passion for beautiful blooms blossomed into a full-blown business – the Petal Pusher — in 2019, but rather than set down roots with a brick-and-mortar location, she opted for four wheels. But not just any four wheels – a tricked-out half van/half bus VW Transporter lovingly named Stella.

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“I feel like vintage cars always get people excited, especially Volkswagens which have always been, in my opinion, associated with fun,” said Reidy.  

She found her inspiration for a flower truck on Pinterest and figured if cities like Nashville and Charleston could have something so beautiful – why not Buffalo? Samantha likes to work with local flower farmers to determine what she’ll offer her customers each week. She leans towards the most colorful varieties that are available based on the season but always has her favorites in stock like sunflowers and roses.

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“Personally, I like anything that looks like it could be from a Dr. Seuss book! Billy buttons, liatris, zinnias, red hot pokers (look them up!),” added Reidy.

If you’re looking to track down one of her custom-made bouquets, head to markets around town like the Hamburg Farmers Market on Saturdays or Borderland Music and Arts Festival that takes place September 18th and 19th. Follow @petalpusherwny on Instagram for their upcoming locations!

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She’s also hoping to add some pop-up events before her season ends in October. Or better yet, hire her to come out to your private event. All of the flowers are priced per stem so you can pick up a single rose to take home (or to hold while you watch an episode of “The Bachelorette”) or have Samantha assemble a full arrangement for you. Bouquet assembly is no easy task (maybe I do need that botany degree after all!) so take advantage of Sam’s artistic talents. Our world could use a floral intervention right about now!

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