The Perfect Pair: Wine & Chocolate at Jaclyn A’s

Peanut butter & Jelly. Bacon & Eggs. Spaghetti & Meatballs. Milk & Cookies.

Those are some of the most delicious food duos of all time.  But in my mind, few rank higher than the heavenly combination of wine and, wait for it…chocolate. And I’m not talking about a glass of Yellow Tail with a Hershey bar chaser.  I’m talking about a generous pour of a fine vintage with an accompanying piece of artisanal chocolate.  A pairing so perfect that a newly opened wine and chocolate lounge, called Jaclyn A’s, specializes in it.

Located at 41 W. Tupper in Downtown Buffalo, this dainty boutique is about as adorable as they come. The space is adorned with a handful of tables simply decorated with just a small vase of flowers and flickering candle so as not to take away from the stars of the show.  Let’s start with the wine. The wine list showcases a mix of reds, whites and a bit of the bubbly. Perhaps you prefer a California Pinot Noir or maybe a French Chardonnay. No matter which you choose, one sip of vino will prime your palette for the true creative touch of owner Jaclyn Krajewski – her signature chocolates.  Oh my, where to begin?  Close to 20 different choices are presented to you tableside with flavors that range from a milk chocolate square filled with a passion fruit center to a piece of dark chocolate filled with liquid salted caramel (OMG!) Jaclyn is more than happy to pair a chocolate to your wine selection. Or, ya know what, get crazy and just dive in to whatever flavors make your heart skip a beat. If you’re feeling adventurous try a flavor combination that’s out of your chocolate comfort zone like coconut curry or earl grey.  If you’re looking to double up on the sweet indulgence, they also offer a dessert menu – the chocolate ganache cake is sinful.

Jaclyn A’s is open Tuesday – Saturday evenings.  Time your visit between 5 – 7pm and partake in the sweetest happy hour deal out there: $5 glass of wine or $6 wine & chocolate pairing.  If you’re short on time, simply stop in for a box of chocolates to-go. I’m sure you can come up with some excuse to treat yourself today.

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