The Albright-Knox Finds a New Home at Northland

| Art, Family Fun, Sightseeing

While the Albright-Knox Art Gallery’s Elmwood Campus undergoes its first major expansion in nearly 60 years, the Gallery has opened a temporary home on Buffalo’s East Side. The Albright-Knox Northland is located in a former industrial space at 612 Northland Avenue with soaring ceilings, lots of natural light and the kind of wide open floor plan that contemporary artists and sculptors will love filling with all sorts of big arty fun.

Photograph courtesy of Albright-Knox | Credit: Tom Loonan

The first artist invited to take advantage of all this space is Heather Hart. Her simulation of a rooftop invites gallery visitors to climb on top or explore underneath this life-size installation loosely based on her childhood home. Over the course of the three-month exhibition, there will be a series of performances, discussions and community gatherings on and around this interactive sculpture.

Photograph courtesy of Albright-Knox | Credit: Pamela Martin

Accompanying Hart’s installation is work by Buffalo artist Rodney Taylor. Taylor, who sadly passed away in 2019, is a fitting choice for this inaugural exhibit at AK Northland. His large-scale works on paper inspired by his experience as a resident of the nearby Fillmore Avenue neighborhood are a welcome sign that AK Northland intends to reflect and celebrate the East Side community it’s now a part of.

Finally, artist Edra Soto offers assemblages of randomly collected liquor bottles that she polishes and meticulously arranges set against a series of lattice-type screens. Removed from their intended use and expected context, the bottles are intriguing examples of how found objects can delight a viewer’s aesthetic sensibilities.

Photograph courtesy of Albright-Knox | Credit: Stephen Boyd

The AK Northland allows the Albright-Knox to remain active in the community while it undergoes a two-year expansion on Elmwood Avenue; it also allows the gallery to make new connections in the community, reach new audiences and exhibit the work of artists who may not have found a place among its collection of 20th century masterworks on the Elmwood Campus.

Albright-Knox Northland, 612 Northland Avenue, Buffalo NY 14211

Hours effective through April 12, 2020: Friday: 12pm–7 pm | Saturday: 10am–5pm | Sunday: 10am–5pm