Swooning at AK Northland

| Art, Family Fun

If you haven’t been to the Albright-Knox Northland now is the time. This former industrial space on the city’s East Side has been transformed by Buffalo’s renowned museum of modern and contemporary art into a light-filled gallery that is serving as a satellite exhibition space while its Elmwood Avenue location undergoes a massive expansion and overhaul that won’t be ready until 2022. In the meantime, art lovers still have an opportunity to engage with the kind of challenging and provocative art the AK has long been known for.

The high ceilings and open floor plan of the Northland space are a perfect fit for the large scale sculptural installations of the artist known as Swoon. Swoon (whose given name is Caledonia Curry) first achieved notoriety for her wheatpasted portraits on the streets of New York in the early 2000s and has since become one of the first women street artists to gain international recognition.

It’s no wonder she’s become an art world star, given the enormous talent and ambition that can be found everywhere you turn in her “Seven Installations” show at the AK Northland. The massive walls of the gallery are covered in colorful patterns and dynamic lines that envelop her dramatic sculptures and fairy tale-like structures, creating the feeling of a stage set designed and populated by the artist. A short animated film by the artist adds another layer of relentless creativity to this multifaceted show.

Swoon’s work is deeply serious, yet also joyful and playful, and is sure to be enjoyed by anyone with an appreciation for – as the Gallery Guide suggests – the restorative and generative power of creativity.

Reservations are required. Visit albrightknox.org for more information.

Albright Knox Northland, 612 Northland Avenue, Buffalo | (716) 882-8700