Where to See Stunning Sunsets Over Buffalo

Being one of only a handful of Eastern United States regions to benefit from a sunset over vast amounts of water, Buffalo’s evening light show is all the more unique, no matter the season. Deep shades of red, pink, orange and purple splash across the sky and reflect off the glassy (sometimes icy) waters of Lake Erie. Even better, this beautiful sight has a free cost of admission.

There are numerous ways to take in this colorful marvel of nature – on foot wandering the attractions at Canalside, exploring the natural setting of Tifft Nature Preserve or Wilkeson Pointe at the Outer Harbor, or even away from the Lake at any of our wonderful Olmsted-designed parks and towering over Buffalo’s skyline.

So grab those cameras, tag your best photos on Instagram using #InTheBUF and get ready for some of the most breathtaking sunsets anywhere. Below is just a sliver of what our Instagram community has captured in Buffalo’s skies: