Rediscovering Buffalo: Wilkeson Pointe


Wilkeson Pointe is just minutes from downtown Buffalo, a short drive over the Skyway on Buffalo’s Outer Harbor. But the park that’s named after one of Buffalo’s forefathers might as well be a world away.

I’ve been to this one-year-old park at 225 Fuhrmann Blvd. three times now since moving back to Buffalo earlier this year. It’s unlike anything that existed in the Queen City growing up here and is quickly becoming one of my favorite spots.

Three wind sculptures stand at the top of a hill, accessible via a winding path. Pedestrian bridges, a gazebo, slide built into a hill, sand volleyball courts and beach round out the experience. The top of the wind sculpture hill provides views of the expanse of Lake Erie. Turn 180 degrees, and you can see the downtown Buffalo skykline. Wilkeson Pointe is a great spot to explore, a quirky destination that’s an escapist experience within the city limits.

Buffalo has more public access to its waterfront than perhaps any other point in its history. A host of new opportunities to walk, bike and explore Canalside, the Old First Ward and the Outer Harbor have sprung up in the last several years; the entire waterfront has improved greatly since I went away to college in 2006. The Outer Harbor, once an afterthought for passing motorists on the Skyway, is now full of recreational opportunities, from Times Beach Nature Preserve to the Buffalo Harbor State Park and the bike trails in between.

I’m already planning my next trip to Wilkeson Pointe – it looks like a great spot to enjoy a summer sunset and Fourth of July Fireworks!

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From my first trip there earlier this spring:



The slide built into a hill.


Great views abound. wilkeson2