New Children’s Museum

New Children’s Museum

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A vision of the new Explore and More Children's Museum

Family Friendly Fun at Buffalo’s New Children’s Museum

Buffalo’s waterfront will welcome a state-of-the-art, 43,000 square foot children’s museum in the spring of 2019. Explore & More, located at Canalside, will highlight Buffalo’s architecture, history, agriculture and history in a series of interactive exhibits.

The museum will also pay tribute to the city’s sports teams, historic waterways, architecture, legacy of innovation and what it means to be a good neighbor in the “City of Good Neighbors.”  The children’s museum is the latest amenity to open on Buffalo’s waterfront, which has experienced over $300 million in new development – including attractions, hotels and restaurants – over the last decade.

Some of the exhibit highlights:

Moving Water will feature a multi-story waterfall that will cascade down into a water table where children of all ages will learn about the Erie Canal, how locks work, and how electricity is produced.

Visitors can take a walk through Being Good Neighbors, an exhibit dedicated to the “City of Good Neighbors,” and discover a community of connections to cultures around the world. The Buffalo Niagara area is filled with a diverse mix of immigrant families – both old and new – and here children can learn about their neighbors and neighborhoods.

In Lighting Buffalo’s Imagination, visitors will explore the materials, ideas, and innovations that have fueled Buffalo’s prosperity and that continue to power new ideas through curiosity, imagination, and collaboration. The thousands of bright lights that illuminated the 1901 Pan-American Exposition inspired the gallery where children and adults will illuminate their imaginations.

Buffalo’s storied architectural history and current trends will inspire children and families to construct their own great edifices in Building Buffalo. A variety of building experiences both big and small will encourage collaboration among museum visitors to solve architectural challenges. Immersing children in the middle of a building project will help to cultivate the next great generation of architects, builders, and urban planners.

From Farm to Fork will use Buffalo’s rich agricultural history to show children where our food comes from. They’ll learn how to plant, grow, harvest, load, sell, shop for and prepare healthy meals in this play area that merges a farm, farmer’s market, and authentic kitchen.