Why Meetings Mean Business in Buffalo

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Meetings mean business in Buffalo Niagara. As an integral part of the local economy, meetings, conventions, and amateur sports events have a monumental impact on our local renaissance. In 2015 alone, meetings and conventions booked in Erie county generated $147 million in future economic impact. We, along with our local industry partners, are taking part in this year’s Global Meetings Industry Day (GMID) to recognize how these events benefit residents and visitors alike. When associations and groups bring their events to Buffalo Niagara, we all win.

From the hospitality industry to transportation providers, restaurants to logistical curators, meetings mean business. An entire business community exists in Buffalo to make sure your meeting or convention goes off without a hitch. And when events come to town, these local businesses go to work. The revenue generated employs thousands of individuals, sustains and promotes local businesses, reduces the tax burden for Buffalo Niagara residents, and generates tax revenue that makes all these services that much better.

Not only do meetings have a significant economic impact, but they create buzz around something intangible – hometown pride! Many groups and associations are choosing to bring their events home to Buffalo. There’s an energy here. You can feel it in the air. And these local association and organization members can’t wait to show off what they know. Once these meetings and events let out, out-of-town visitors are able to take part in the resurgence we experience every day. They’ve been dazzled by our art and architecture, our rapidly growing food and brewery scene, and the people and places that make our communities so special.

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Pictured below are several of our industry partners. The Buffalo Niagara region is able to attract and host such great events due to their hard work and dedication.