Lonely Planet Wowed by This Only-In-Buffalo Hotel


A major aspect of Buffalo’s recent comeback narrative has been the city’s wealth of architecture designed by world-renowned legends like Wright, Sullivan and Richardson. In the last decade, there has been a sea change in how the city perceives itself. Visionary Buffalonians have realized that the buildings, neighborhoods and architectural fabric that have always existed here set the city apart and are key to its rebirth. However, it’s not only that these jaw-dropping structures remain standing, in abundance, in the Queen City, but that creative developers are finding new ways to adapt these structures into breweries, restaurants, attractions and even hotels.

Such is the case with H. H. Richardson’s looming, yet beautiful, former Buffalo State Asylum for the Insane. In this new feature for Lonely Planet, writer Janice Tober, explores how a nearly $100 million restoration has transformed the once vacant Richardson Olmsted Campus into the stunning 88-room Hotel Henry Urban Resort Conference Center and Buffalo Architecture Center.


“In many ways, Hotel Henry is evidence of all that is happening in Buffalo at the moment: A story of a faded beauty that is being brought back to life by the kiss of those that have always recognized what is there, and know that with some love and care, it is starting to shine once again”, Tober writes.

You can read the entire Lonely Planet feature here. To begin planning your trip to discover all of the unexpected excitement in Buffalo, you can request a free copy of our 2017/2018 Touring Guide here.