Kayaking Buffalo’s Waterfront

Anyone that lives in Buffalo will tell you (seriously, anyone. Even if you didn’t ask to hear it. We love this place.) that the city is undergoing a renaissance. The easiest way to see it is the crane-spotted skyline. But the best way to see it is to head down to Canalside and take a kayak tour of the Buffalo River.



Nowhere else does Buffalo’s past and future intersect so vividly. Canalside stands as a shining example of this city’s progress. Set against Buffalo’s slumbering industrial past, it’s become a hub of activity sparked alive with concerts, yoga, dining and festivals on it’s re-imagined waterfront. The first steps in the city’s rebirth are easy to see as the HarborCenter and rewatered canal paths continue to take shape, but to see the next phase, you’ll need two things: a kayak from Bflo Harbor Kayak and a sunny summer day.

See Jay’s Video – Kayaking The Buffalo River

Your tour starts at the mouth of the river and heads into the man-made canyon of grain elevators that make up Silo City. It’s here that you can learn about Buffalo’s industrial history, and see first hand how Buffalo’s past will be re-purposed for it’s future. Your tour guide will explain how one grain elevator will soon be transformed into a brewery while another will be renovated into a restaurant. One second, you can picture huge river barges off-loading their cargo onto busy docks at the turn of the century. The next, a crowded patio humming with activity in the not so distant future.

Further up the river one final elevator stands poised to announce it’s rebirth to the world. What was once a non-descript silo will soon be Silo City Rocks, the world’s largest man-made rock climbing structure standing at a whopping 110 feet high.



Not a history buff? No problem. Skip the tour and go for a paddle up the river on your own. Kayaks can be rented for hourly or for the entire day. Whether you’re looking for a history lesson or just a leisurely day on the water, you should experience Bflo Harbor Kayak.