May is typically the most beautiful and comfortable of the spring months, with temperatures in the 70s, fair and sunny days and beautiful blossoms. It’s the perfect time for hikes and other outdoor activities.

High °F Low °F Month High °C Low °C
31 19 January 0 -8
33 19 February 1 -7
42 26 March 6 -3
55 37 April 13 3
67 47 May 19 9
75 57 June 24 14
80 62 July 27 17
78 61 August 26 16
71 53 September 22 12
59 43 October 15 6
48 34 November 9 1
36 24 December 2 -4


You know those amazing summer days with temperatures in the 80s and low humidity? That lasts all summer long in Buffalo. In fact, temperatures in the 90s are rare and the National Weather Service has never recorded a reading here above 100 degrees. Breezes from nearby Lake Erie create an “Oasis Effect” that lowers humidity and makes our summers among the most spectacular in North America. Summer is the ideal time to do pretty much everything in Buffalo—and it’s also the reason why no other city in American can compete with Garden Walk Buffalo Niagara each year.


Fall in Western New York needs no introduction. Pleasantly cool temperatures. Sunny days. Starlit nights by the fire pit. And hues of russet, yellow and red that stretch all the way to the end of October. A favorite season for many, it’s a great time to set out on a driving tour, explore wine country, attend a festival or catch Niagara Falls with fewer crowds.


The severity of Buffalo’s winter weather has been greatly exaggerated by the national media. Most large-scale winter storm systems usually pass by Buffalo, but the region does experience “Lake Effect” snows. These snows generally occur just south of the city in a region the locals refer to as “ski country”. With daytime temperatures often hovering at or above freezing and frequent snow cover, our winter weather is ideal for outdoor sports like sledding, ice fishing and skiing.