Ice Bikes Featured in National Geographic Traveler

The Ice Bikes of Buffalo are continuing to gain international acclaim.icebikes

National Geographic Traveler has included the ice bikes in its “101 Reasons to Travel Now: Get Active” roundup in its latest issue. The magazine notes that it has “scoured the world” in search of the 101 best experiences that get travelers moving (No. 18).

“Pedal the Canalside ice rink on an ice bike with one wheel and one blade. It’s all part of a waterfront revitalization in this upstate New York city,” Traveler notes.

It’s hard to believe that one year ago, Buffalo had still not been become acquainted with the now famous ice bikes, which  were introduced in conjunction with the Ice @ Canalside grand opening last December. Since then the story of the ice bikes spread around the world in this Associated Press feature. Congratulations to the Ice Bikes/ Water Bikes of Buffalo staff for helping Buffalo embrace and enjoy its winters like ever before.

The Ice Bikes are part of over $300 million in new development on Buffalo’s waterfront. Find out more about the bikes and the Ice @ Canalside (Set to re-open for the season in Mid-November) in our video below: