Darwin Martin House: Restoring a Masterpiece

Not only was Buffalo dubbed America’s Favorite City by Travel + Leisure in 2016, the Queen City was also bestowed with the title of America’s Favorite City for Architecture thanks, in part, to the spectacular vision of one man – Frank Lloyd Wright. With a wealth of significant and faithfully restored Wright sites, Buffalo is the must-visit architectural destination you never expected.

In this highlight of the meticulous $50 million restoration occurring at the Martin House Complex, Travel + Leisure contributor Sean Patrick Flynn, examines the work being done to restore the home to its original 1905 grandeur.


“The finalized restoration of the Martin house is only the latest in recent investment in the city’s history, and particularly of Wright’s Buffalo”, Flynn writes.

The Martin House Complex is often called the most important example of Wright’s iconic prairie-style design. Wright himself called this home in Buffalo’s historic Parkside community his “opus”.

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