Fowler’s Unveils Special Flavors for National Sponge Candy Day

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Buffalo’s signature sweet treat, made of crunchy, airy honeycomb toffee and enrobed in chocolate, has been a shelf staple at nearly all of our local chocolatiers for decades. It’s often imitated outside of Buffalo, but never duplicated. And while some may debate which shop makes it best, you can’t deny that Fowler’s Chocolates, making sponge candy since 1910, is always a part of the conversation.

Now, just in time for National Sponge Candy Day on September 21, Fowler’s Chocolates has released a special, limited-edition collection box filled with six enormous pieces of sponge candy each adorned with a topping that sponge candy has never seen before.

The collection, limited to 400 boxes and available in Fowler’s retail locations and online only through September 22nd, includes each individual flavor creation dressed in either milk or dark chocolate

Take a look below to get a taste of the six amazing new flavors and see what Fowler’s recommends pairing their sponge sweets with. It’s a sponge candy pairing!

Mini Peanut Butter Chips
“It wasn’t easy, but yes, we’ve distilled the dulcet tones of angels into a single piece of candy.”
Pairs well with: A pint of Guinness

“Helping you live every day like it’s your birthday.”
Pairs well with: A scoop of vanilla ice cream

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt
“Poetry should be written about this flavor combination.”
Pairs well with: A shot of tequila

Espresso Bean
“All the sponge candy, none of the sugar crash.”
Pairs well with: For a zap of energy, enjoy with a cup of coffee

Cayenne Pepper and Cinnamon
“Some perfect heat to balance the sweet.”
Pairs well with: A bold red wine

Fruity Pebbles
“Yabba Dabba Do.”
Pairs well with: A tall, cold glass of milk


As Fowler’s limited edition sponge candy collection is bound to leave shelves soon, act fast and order online or visit one of their retail locations before September 22nd.

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