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Ted's Hot Dogs

Frank Gourmet Hot Dogs

Some associate hot dogs as a summer staple – a snack or light meal to grab at the ball game, a downtown food cart or along the water. But here in Buffalo, the char-grilled dog is a year-round affair and part of the region’s food culture.

New York State’s edible history is deeply rooted in hot dogs. Most people think of the hot dog carts in New York City when such a notion arises, but all over New York, sub-regions of the state cling loyally to their local frankfurter.

Here in Buffalo, we like to keep things simple. A Sahlen’s dog grilled over an open flame and charcoal with “the works” has been the go-to for nearly a century;  Ted’s, Theodore’s and the original Louie’s are the best known spots to enjoy one. Locals will tell you that char-grilling enhances the flavor and provides a taste simply not possible in a fried or boiled hot dog.

We’ve plotted out some of Buffalo’s favorite restaurants and stands on our hot dog crawl!