Exploring the Great Outdoors at Reinstein Woods

The Queen City isn’t all concrete and architecture.  Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve is 292 acres of undisturbed nature located just outside the city line that’s perfect for all you weekend explorers.  Now, the Kensington Expressway may have featured Ninja Turtles, but “The Woods” feature real turtles. See!


Besides being home to that grumpy little guy above, The Woods are also home to a gigantic yellow birch tree that’s believed to be older than America itself.


And the scenery isn’t exclusive to land.  You’ll come across multiple ponds while on your walk through The Woods, and each one is bursting with the brilliant white and pink hues of hundreds of water lilies.


You can wander Reinstein’s winding trails by yourself, or you can tag along on one of the nature preserve’s free guided tours.  The tours teach you everything from geo-caching to fungus identification. (Not the kind on your foot.  Go to the doctor for that one.)  

And this place isn’t just a warm weather destination – it’s open year round!  So you can go there this Fall to see the technicolor leaf show, and then head back when the snow flies with your snowshoes and cross-country skis.  Of course, theres always the Spring and summer months to watch deer bound playfully through the forest and hawks soar vigilantly through the tree line.  No two trips will be the same and no matter when you go, “The Woods” will always provide an awe-inspiring experience.