UB Distinguished Speaker Series: Nicholas Thompson & Nita Farahany

Center for the Arts
103 Center for the Arts
University at Buffalo
Buffalo, NY 14260

November 16, 2023

Starting: 7:00 PM

$30 – $50

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We’re proud to bring world-renowned speakers to UB for the annual Distinguished Speakers Series. As we open our doors to the community, we hope you’ll join us for thought-provoking discussions and inspirational stories.

Nicholas Thompson – CEO of The Atlantic | Former Editor-in-Chief of WIRED, has occupied the most prestigious positions in the world of tech writing and journalism staking out a bold, optimistic vision for what our future will look like. Thompson currently serves as CEO of The Atlantic, leading the team to National Magazine Award wins for unprecedented coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic, new perspectives on 9/11, the rise of global autocratic power, the case to return the national parks to Native American tribes and the hypocrisy behind high-class education in America. His years of experience covering tech makes him a leading analytical voice in the field, where he uncovers how each new development in the world of tech will impact us all.

Nita Farahany – Author of “The Battle for Your Brain” | Legal Scholar & Ethicist | Director of The Duke Initiative for Science & Society: You’re driving home after a long day, desperate to stay awake. Suddenly, a mild zap from your headrest bolts you upright, alert. You’re safe no caffeine required. This kind of revolutionary device is already in action, and they’re only getting more sophisticated. Nita Farahany is at the forefront of the technology and ethics of wearable AI devices that use our biological and neurological data. An internationally acclaimed thought leader who bridges law, ethics and technology to champion ethical progress in science and technology, she says these “mind-reading” neuroscience and AI technologies will revolutionize everything. The same zap that can save a drowsy driver can also be used in the workplace to increase safety measures or tell businesses whether their customers really love what they’re looking at.

Farahany leads audiences on an optimistic, but cautionary, tour through the future of AI programs, like ChatGPT, and neurotechnology.