Morris Day and The Time

With his dynamic dancing and smooth, yet gutsy vocals, Minneapolis-born pop-funk legend MORRIS DAY played an essential role in the development of the Minneapolis-Saint Paul / Twin City dance/club sound of the 1980s. A founding member of Prince’s band The Time in 1981, he remained with the group for three years and three records before launching a solo career.

Morris Day went to school with Prince Rogers Nelson and sang in his first band Grand Central. As Prince grew as an artist so did the opportunities around him. The Time was originally created as Prince’s alter-ego, to be seen as the cool, street-wise funk band contrasting his more soulful R&B sound. Prince wanted someone with charisma and talent, so he cast his high school friend – the funky and fabulous Morris Day. Inspired by photographs of his grandfather in zoot suits, Morris’s image as The Time’s slick front man was solidified!