Mojo Brookzz

Helium Comedy Club
30 Mississippi Street
Buffalo, NY 14204

May 24, 2024
Recurring daily

Starting: 8:00 PM

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At the start of his career, multi-talented comedian Mojo Brookzz utilized Facebook and Instagram to demonstrate his considerable comedic talents by writing and performing video skits. It was the “Mr James”(Sugardaddy) character that proved to be one of Brooks’ first major breaks online. This character has catapulted Brooks into a a very well-deserved spotlight and helped him gain national attention and a bigger following.

In nine years of his career, he has gained a following of over 1.5 million people via social media. 476K on Instagram, 1M on Facebook, 780K on Tik Tok and 50,000 on Snapchat. OVER 2M combined!