JGB Shibuki Taiko Drumming

West Falls Center for the Arts
1863 Davis Road
West Falls, NY 14170

April 14, 2024

Starting: 1:00 PM

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JGB SHIBUKI is a taiko drum ensemble from Buffalo, NY. Join us for a 1-hour collaborative performance of taiko drumming along with special guests Odori No Kai ( Japanese cultural dance) and special guest shamisen (Japanese banjo) player, Levantino Piccini: You don’t want to miss this chance to enjoy the sights and sounds

JGB SHIBUKI is a Taiko drum ensemble who enjoy bringing their passion for traditional Japanese drumming to audiences in Western New York. If you haven’t seen them perform yet, you are in for a fun, unique cultural experience that will make you feel the heartbeat of Japan. Formed from members of the Japanese Group of Buffalo, JGB SHIBUKI have been playing together since 2016. The word “Shibuki” in their name translates to splash, inspired by the thunderous roar of nearby Niagara Falls.