“I Ought to Be in Pictures”

Desiderio's Dinner Theater at Bobby J's
204 Como Park Blvd
Cheektowaga, NY 14227

February 22, 2024, February 24, 2024, February 25, 2024, February 27, 2024, February 29, 2024, March 2, 2024, March 3, 2024, March 7, 2024, March 9, 2024, March 10, 2024, March 14, 2024, March 16, 2024, March 19, 2024, March 21, 2024, March 23, 2024, March 24, 2024, March 27, 2024, March 28, 2024, March 30, 2024

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As always, Neil Simon finds a way to dig deep into humanity through his deceptively simple characters. Libby, a feisty teenaged girl who hitchhikes across America to “become a movie star,” shows up at her father’s California doorstep one morning and informs him that she plans to stay with him while settling down and pursuing her film career. The astonished Herb, who left his wife and children almost two decades ago, is suddenly confronted with his forgotten past. After some arm twisting from his new want-to-be boarder he decides to take another stab at fatherhood and hopefully this time, get it right. The two quickly have enough fights and screaming matches to make up for Herb’s sixteen-year absence. Underneath the play’s humorous and witty dialogue is a touching observation about humanity. It reflects the instinctive love that exists between a father and daughter and in Libby’s case the undying need to reconnect.