Hispanic Heritage District Walking Tour

Southwest Corner of Porter & Niagara Streets
Porter & Niagara Streets
Buffalo, NY 14201

July 19, 2024, August 7, 2024, August 12, 2024, September 8, 2024, September 22, 2024

Starting: 11:00 AM

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Welcome to the Hispanic Heritage District – Avenida San Juan! For several generations, Latino and Hispanic residents have contributed greatly to the culture and growth of Western New York. Beginning in the late 1800s, our region experienced an influx of immigrants from Central and South America, Mexico, Spain, and the Caribbean. Through the hard work of local residents and the Hispanic Heritage Council of Western New York, Avenida San Juan is home to a vibrant Hispanic/Latino community that includes many locally owned shops, restaurants, and health service organizations. 

On this tour we will discuss the growth of Buffalo’s Hispanic and Latinx population, point out notable businesses and neighborhood landmarks, learn about significant local figures and highlight annual holiday celebrations within the Hispanic and Latinx communities.