Fall First Friday Speaker Series-Teaching Intangible History: Niagara Falls and the Underground Railroad

The history of the Underground Railroad in Niagara Falls has long been overlooked as one of the most prominent crossings for freedom seekers in Western New York during the early 19th century. In trying to tell that history, many tangible sites that freedom seekers used, and the accompanying stories of crossing, have been obscured due to the urban renewal activities, the severe economic decline of the city and time. Our founding was based on researching these stories and retelling the exciting efforts of freedom seekers, and those that helped them escape, to sites that no longer exist.  By telling these stories and linking them to tangible recreations of sites at the Heritage Center we aim to bring agency to those endured and to tell their harrowing attempts to gain freedom.  Learn how we interpret this history and how we bring history back to life through telling intangible stories of the Underground Railroad and how you can reevaluate history. 

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December 3, 2021

From: 07:00 PM to 09:00 PM