Eclipse: The Sun Revealed Planetarium Program

Whitworth Ferguson Planetarium at Buffalo State University
SUNY Buffalo State
SAMC 130
Buffalo, NY 14222

February 23, 2024, February 24, 2024, March 1, 2024, March 2, 2024, March 9, 2024, March 15, 2024, March 16, 2024, March 22, 2024, March 23, 2024, March 29, 2024, March 30, 2024, April 5, 2024

From: 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM


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Join us for our new fulldome show with amazing visuals that explore

• the historical and cultural views of eclipses

• the geometry that gives us lunar, partial, annular, and (of course) total solar eclipses

• a visualization of what can be seen from within the shadow of a total solar eclipse

• scientific discoveries supported by total solar eclipses

• how to safely view an eclipse

• a first-hand account of one person’s experience during a total solar eclipse

Afterwards, view how the April 8th total solar eclipse will look from here in Buffalo and discuss this once-in-a-lifetime event with one of our Planetarium Educators.

Please arrive at least 5 minutes before show time, because late arrivals may not be seated for safety reasons in our darkened planetarium.