Displacement: Reclaiming Place, Space, and Memory

Each year Buffalo Arts Studio invites up to three artists to participate in our artist-in-residence program. Our
residencies support regional, national, and international artists with a focus on artists whose work is not only a
powerful visual statement, but also spurs dialogue between varied audiences and open doors to social, economic,
and environmental justice.

Displacement: Reclaiming Place, Space, and Memory Artist-in-Residence, curator Shirley Verrico
selected Sa’dia Rehman, a multidisciplinary artist whose work explores the structure of the family and the nation,
as well as the borders around and between each. Rehman questions how we live within these systems and how
these systems impact who we are, while also giving rise to the desire to rearrange, reimagine, and even dismantle
them. Rehman centers familial history to expand on harm and survival, situating their own family history in the
context of larger historical processes. 

During their residency, March 13&26, 2023, Rehman will create an assemblage on and off the walls evoking
global histories of broken waterways and broken promises.